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Wow I've bought like so many things from value village in the past two days it's pretty god damn nuts. I think I'll make this a monthly thing where i raid the local VV's and relieve them of their awesome T-Shirts. Oh and I bought some wicked white pants for bent !!! ohhh YEAH BENT!!! I'll have to post what I've bought , can you say photo essay? Stay posted!

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Trying to figure out LJ cuts
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Just so you know i didn't intend on this happening i was just caught up in the surrealism of it all and thought it was just a joke that was at the expense of some faceless creepy old man.

If you didn't know i have a profile on a gay personals site. And on this site I captured the attention of a 46 year old man pictured here ( that's his only photo on the site)
who's screen name is Bidaddy0039. And let me tell you! Wow he came on to me soo strong.

him: do you want to get daddied boi?( wow how flattering)
me: do you have yellow fever?  (i retort with the jeering of friends)
him: i have blue fever ( i can only imagine he was talking about blue balls)

This is so ridiculously PERVY! So obviously i have to add him to msn! This only gets better. ( mmm is it wrong that i toy with him? maybe not he's kinda creepy) Obviously i think this is the funniest thing ever, because 1) guys never hit on me this strong especially middle aged men(with exception with xy guy which was not funny at all cause he was standing right infront of me and i was all alone in the space and 2) im like omg is this really happening?

we then have this conversation


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i feel like I'm lost, like i donno it's like i don't have any friends. like i have firends but not friend friends that will invite me to do things. Like i have my old friends who i don't talk to so much anymore cause they go to different schools and i have my new friends that i've made but i can't do much with them cause im not old enough or have the freedom to go out late at night and do crazy things. maybe im like emotionally unavaiable or something. I'm nice aren't i? oh i don't know. maybe it's because i don't fake laughter , like if i don't think something is funny i'll usually just smile and not laugh. oh i donno. i don't even know what i'm looking for in friends anyways. maybe it's because im not bubbly people seem ti like bubbly.who knows.
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There are so many varied and weird ways people eat bananas!!

firstly some open them from the stem side ( very logical and normal to do this as you have a handle to rip the bastard banana to shreds)

then there are some who open from the black stubby end? What the fuck are they thinking? Hmmm i know i think i'll take the hardest route ever! And your efforts aren't even rewarded! You are immediately presented with the weird hard black pointy thing that you can't eat cause it's ikKY ( oh you know what i mean!)

then you can do it cartoon style by squeezing soo hard it just ejaculates into your mouth! (and yes you can use ejaculate in different contexts)

Then if you are super posh you can open the banana with a fork and knife, cutting lengthwise and then pealing the skin back, and then you proceed to cut it up into coins and eat them. I tried this and some how the banana was inexplicable tastier? Maybe working harder to get things makes the reward that much better? Or having to actually concentrate on eating it and tasting lead to more pleasure?

The way i eat bananas is this, open from the stem side then (oddly not listed as a popular mode) put it in my mouth and then scrape it with my teeth removing the rougher out side to reveal the slimy inside and then just keep scraping until the part i'm working on doesn't hold up to the barrage of my teeth. You can't imagine the looks i get when i do this. Some of curiosity, disgust, shock , and sexual interest.

I find eating this way is akin to eating mushy bananas. Tasty.

Hmm i just thought that you would like to know, my banana eating ways. But by no way does this reflect how i eat other things!!!! Teeth scraping is completely restricted to bananas ok!!! sheesh.


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My valentines day was kind of like sweet'n low. At first it was discusting to think about and then it tasted pretty sweet but then there was that yucky after taste.

In the morning I was really hating the world cause I was tired and then everything sucked.

After when I got to class things got better cause there was free chocolate and then it was good and then I took some extra and gave some to my friends and then to two random girls at random club tables and they were super happy to get them. Then in physics the prof said happy valentines day class and then I yelled " YOU MAKE ME HAPPY PHYSICALLY!" and he responded under his breath " i hope not too much" and I was like " oh all the way baby". This made me really happy cause people laughed and i laughed and attention. Dah attention, you'll see later in the post. I then waited all class for him to ask if there were any questions and so i could say " WHAT ARE YOU DOING TONIGHT" but that didn't happen so bleh. And i was also playing with the idea to throw chocolate at him but that didnt' happen. After all that i was all happy and then went to the space and had some more fun where there were people, and i made jokes and blah blah blah. Valentines bags were pretty cool and then the red scrolls one guy gave were awesum ( but i got snubbed by one person :( )and i gave valentines and then that was good but i wish i could have made them personal. I took minutes for collective and then i fell asleep after collective,and then stayed after even more to help some one make buttons cause i am also the Button Machine Overlord. And then i finally went home with a friend named Jamie but not in the way you dirty people want it to be ( or the way i want it to be). We just took the bus together and then i went home alone (this totally broke my rule of trying to leave school as soon as possible and not waste my day light hours/my life/time). As i walked home i sung to myself not realizing there was some person behind me trying to pass me ( i was like weaving all over the sidewalk) and then i was super embarrassed and crossed the street.

Then i got home and this is where the bad after taste comes. I watched school for scoundrels, it was alright, but it made me feel really weird cause there was no real moral , people "lost" people "won" bad things happen to people and that's supposed to be funny and then just led me to thoughts about what's right and wrong and how the movie promoted nothing and then it was just a free for all kinda world. And then we watched like interviews and all the comedians were being attention whores and then i was like ewww but then i thought back through out this day and i realized that i was being one too with all my snarky remarks ( no matter how well received) and then i was like that exactly what i don't like in this guy that i work with who is really popular with everyone cause he's always with all my snarky remarks ( no matter how well recieved) and then i was like that exactly what i don't like in this guy that i work with who is really popular with everyone cause he's always trying to make people laugh. And someone even said earlier that day i was an attention whore. And then this just led me down and cruddy road of feeling lost and being lost and feeling iky. Compounded on the constant feeling that i have things to do for school when i don't and being really involved and not remembering to do things and not enough sleep and crashing from the high i get from not sleeping.

so all in all today was bad great then bad and now it's kinda ok cause i talked it out here and with my mom so that ok now.

Sorry for making such an unstructured post, it's totally stream of thought and me just adding things as i remember them.

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    Today I've been assessing different LGBT magazines, I've looked at a few magazines and I don't know if I just like them because they have nice glossy pictures of hot guys with nice layouts or because they seem like good publications. Well I have time now to look at all of them more closely.

    Ugg I'm just a slave to my penis aren't I, I'm such a sucker for models. At first I thought those white things on their heads were apart of the show but I think they are actually just to keep their hair in place while the hair products set.

    It's so strange, in my life I've never read so much until now, now I actually finish books in a few days just reading on transit on the way to school. I think it's probably just because I didn't find what I liked reading before which is mainly queer lit, mostly biographies.

    It's weird I'm still quite new to being out, I came out to my friends and family when before grade 12 and I came out to the world more recently, if people broach the subject and ask me if I have a girlfriend I just say I'm gay. I'm such a newbie. And I've never been in a relationship yet!! AHHHHHHH. And the only action I've got was from a girl one time in a play and she kissed me once.

    Maybe I should just give in and like go cruising the village. But I look so darn young and thats not usually the image that "gays" find sexy, not youthful but young I look young like a 16-17 year old and 15 on some days. I've gotten carded when i tried to check out "Another Gay Movie" which is like 18 A. So embarrassing. GAHHH!


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For those of you out there that don't know what Ultimate Frisbee (which is a lot) is it's a game very much like American Football except that , you guessed it, the foot ball is replaced with a Frisbee ( or how people in the sport call it , "disk") . The game follows the similar format of Football in that there are two end zones and the point is to end up in the opposing end zone with the disk, but you cannot run with the disk and therefore there is no contact because that would be a brutal sport if you had to stand there as someone came by to tackle you! Anyways the point is that I play this game it's got it's pros and cons but it keeps me fit and that's good for all you boys out there. Right now I'm actually waiting to go to a practice for my school team but chance has it i start school at 8:30 am and then have to wait till 6:30PM! to come. I know, who in there right minds would do that ? Me obviously. Well it's the only time I was gonna do this seeing as that I have cleverly positioned fat deposits on my body i need to destroy. I wasn't planning on playing this semester because it would just have been way too much of a waste of time to wait around , you might suggest i do stuff while i wait , that's just not practical, I'm way to ingenious to fall into the trap of academia!!!

The Caption for this picture is "Ultimate - Mannschaftssport ohne Schiedsrichter" from some german site. Why yes I do think it's a man shaft sport mmm mmmm mmm!

Well that was a very self indulgent post and the only person who's cares at all about that is probably me. No matter for there is no one to hear me and that's just grand.

Other note today I'm really taking charge of my life , I met with the EVSCSU and why oh why didn't i meet them earlier? They are so cool and that one guy in the red tommy hillfiger shirt !!! omg he was so hot he seriously could be a model , all he needs is to put on some muscle cause he does' look quite thin but it works for his angular face. I swear he was giving me fierce all throughout the meeting!! Not really, I was just being the creapy gay guy i always am : (.

I've also officially contacted the QuizBowl team which is hella good but i hope they are good but not that good. Actually what I hope is that they are very good but just some how with out any practice or training I'll be exceptionally better than they. I was the captain of my Reach For The Top team in high school if that means anything but my team was quite rank, I carried them i swear!!

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First off that is totally not me! That is Andrew Stetson OF COURSE!! everyone should know jeezze he's just the face of euphoria and one of canada's top male models!

well enough of that. How do i get readers? Post half neked bois , talk trash , stalk celebs and talk trash? Be crazily bigoted and post rants so that other crazies flock to me or people who are offended come to me and rant back at me? I"LL DO IT ALL
well ic an't im nto ath agood but we'll see what i can't summon up as they say in Magic The Gathering trade mark westcoast toweRS!!!
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